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A New Quest

Prologue:  Drizzt Do’ Urden flies home after the last battle he would ever fight, or so he thought.  He flew home in a straight flight, his magical gem, the Skyreale, glows brightly in the surrounding room.  Suddenly a lightning bolt flies from the sky and strikes his side.  He does not feel a thing as the mist from the Skyreale blocks the blow.  He sees a strange light in the forest below, but he continues on and ignores it.
Chapter I:  Down in the forest below Drizzt, a strange new creature is walking through the trees.  Nothing ever goes near it, and hardly anything knows it is actually there.  You cannot tell what it is by looking at it.  It has pale gray skin; muscles can be seen rippling inside the body, and a face that has a spell cast over it, stopping anyone from remembering it for more then a second.  It moves silently, like a wraith, it does not acknowledge the existence of any other living thing.  Only one thing distracts it from its course, people.
 It sees a strange smoke coming from a small campfire nearby.  It slowly stalks up to the edge of the area lit by the fire.  There are three men sitting around the fire, and an old man tied up against a tree.  It walked out of the night and into the campsite.  One of the men notices it and screams.  Another turns around with a sword drawn.  The drawing of a weapon brings the creature into a frenzy.  It shoots out a stream of needles covered in poison from its hands.  The man with the sword went down.  The others both took out weapons, one with a sword and the other with a spear.  They both charged at it, but it was to fast for them.  Before they knew what happened, one had his own spear through his chest, and the other was hanging upside down in a tree, his limbs hanging all around him.
He approached the old man tied to the tree.  A needle from his hand broke the rope around his waist and hands.  He fell to the ground, rubbing his wrists.  He looked up to see his savoir gone.  He looked around, but spun when he felt a breeze on his head.  He looked up into the tree, and saw the creature looking down on him.  A voice, more in his head then his ears, spoke saying, “Who are you?”
“My name is Veriah,” Replied Veriah.
“Will you travel with me? I have seen your face before in a vision, and have been commanded to take you with me” Khazid’ Hea said in his mind talk.
“Only if you tell me your name,” Veriah stated quietly.
“Very well, my name is Khazid’ Hea.  I have been sent forth from the world beyond to save a man named Drizzt Do’ Urden.  My purpose for being created was to destroy humans and demons, and save the helpless.” Khazid sharply replied.
“In that case, I will come with you to find Drizzt Do’ Urden.” Veriah happily stated.
Chapter II: Drizzt flew quickly home, the land soaring past beneath him.  Another flash of something reflective grabbed his attention.  He stopped and looked down at the area, searching for motion.  An arrow whistled past his head, exploding behind him in green flame.  Another and another arrow was fired at him; he barely managed to avoid the next barrage.  A shout from below alerted him that something different was going on down there.  He tried to soar lower, but more arrows forced him higher.  The arrows abruptly stopped, and there was dead silence.  He searched for any sign of life in the forest below, but still there was only a terrifying silence.  
Then he noticed an old man walking among the fallen bodies of many soldiers.  These dead soldiers were very strange looking, in that their armor was not from any nearby kingdoms and their weapon designs looked like something from a legend from ancient scrolls in the castle library he had read once when he was a child.  They were all covered in curvy shapes and something that looked like runes.  He guessed that was what where the green fire came from.  He dropped into the forest beside the old man and asked, “What are you doing here old man?  It is very dangerous to be out in the forest, especially with these strange men around.”
“It seems I am here to save your life,” Veriah curtly replied.
It was then that Drizzt noticed the staff in his hand, dripping with blood.  There were curved blades at each end, which made it look like a two-pronged windmill.  There were also runes running up and down the staff, all of them aglow with an inner light.  Suddenly the blades disappeared, and the runes stopped glowing.
“I see you noticed my sword staff,” Veriah flatly stated.
“That is a very interesting weapon you have here, but surely you did not kill all these soldiers by yourself?  Is there someone else here with you?”
A strange form dropped from a tree nearby beside Veriah.  Drizzt jumped back with his sword at the ready.
“I shall not harm you. My name is Khazid ‘Hea, and I have been sent here to protect you,” Khazid’ Hea quietly mind spoke.
“I see.  In that case, what are you protecting me from?”  Drizzt asked in a sarcastic tone.
“I’m protecting you from the onslaught of Satan’s will upon your so far unprotected mind.  This man here is a priest of the one true God who I met on the way here.  It seems God wants more then my assistance on this task.  That amulet you wear will eventually be used to rid the world of darkness forever, although maybe not in this lifetime, and we can’t allow it to fall into Satan’s hands,” Khazid explained briefly.
Chapter III: Drizzt nodded, and they all started walking through the forest in the direction Drizzt was headed before the assault.  All of a sudden he felt a strange and dark presence nearby and a bolt of pain shot through his head.  He screamed in agony and fell to the ground.  Kahzid moved over to Drizzt and placed his hands on his shoulders.  The pain began to flow out of Drizzt, and Khazid grimaced in annoyance.  Drizzt looked around to see where the pain had come from, and seeing no one, looked questioningly to Khazid ‘Hea.
“That was an attack by one of Satan’s minor demons, but I will be here to assist when the real demon lords come to attack you.  You will feel rage, sorrow, and bitterness from nowhere and you will wish to kill your closest friends.  I will calm your mind, and take some of the pain for myself, for I receive my power directly from God.  Some call me the son of the Angel of Death where I come from, and I have fought many battles against the demons, and know their many tricks.  I shall protect you until my death, whenever that may be, unless God assigns something else for me to do.”  Khazid explained.
Drizzt just stared at him in amazement.  “Son of the Angel of Death,” Drizzt thought wonderingly?  A whistle from Veriah reminded them that they were still going to Drizzt’s house, and that they should be moving.
“I studied a few of their uniforms, and they are from my home nation, in a land across the ocean to the east called Sedah.  The army there was never one to give up, and there is probably a lot more of them nearby, so we should be moving onward,” Veriah warned.
“I shall scout around for enemies, and remove them if necessary,” Khazid said.
Veriah and Drizzt began again their walk, and Khazid jumped into the trees.  They could hear the leaves rustle as he passed like the breeze through the trees.  A few shouts echoed through the forest as Khazid discovered enemy soldiers walking around.  The journey to Drizzt’s house was uneventful, except for Khazid’s exploits.  
Drizzt’s house was in a surprisingly good condition.  There was only one problem, what had happened to his mother after all this time?  He had encountered a demon that had tried to kill him previously in the castle of Cannas that had held the appearance of his mother, but he knew that that was certainly not her.  Drizzt slowly walked up to the door and knocked three times loudly.  The door opened and a funny old woman poked her head out.
“Are you Santa Claus” she asked in a cracking old voice?
“My name is Drizzt Do’ Urden, and this is my house.”  Drizzt whispered to her.
“In that case, you can die!” she yelled at Drizzt.
“Just ignore her and go inside.  She is just a demon of distraction, and can not harm you.” Khazid mind spoke.
“I wish God would send you to some pit of Hell to fight, Khazid Hea!”  She screamed.
Drizzt walked right through her and entered into his house.  She turned into a wisp of smoke and disappeared as Khazid and Veriah followed him through the door.  When they entered a strange smell assaulted their noses.  It smelled like the death of a thousand roses mixed with the sent of treachery.  A ransacked house and a room full of smashed furniture greeted them when they looked past the doorway.  What used to be a mighty fireplace was a crumbled old wall that looked as if a rhinoceros had pounded his head against it for several hours, and then finished with a skull shattering charge that left his entire body in many tiny pieces all over the floor.
What looked like a bookshelf was on the ground with many books lying in a jumbled heap nearby.  The dining table was a pile of splintered sticks in the center of the room.  All of the windows had suffered severe beatings and were fractured in many places.  Drizzt stood in stunned silence as he observed the wreckage of his childhood home.  Khazid moved around the room, examining the way each object was destroyed.  When he reached a small book on the floor that appeared untouched.
He turned to Drizzt and asked, “What is this book, and where did you get it?”
Drizzt replied, “This is an ancient scripture that has been down in my family for ages.  We always read from it after dinner, until my father disappeared.  When I found him, I thought I could bring him back, and everything would be like normal again.”
Khazid looked from Drizzt, back to the book again, and then out a broken window.
“No wonder you weren’t attacked earlier.  That is the scripture of the One True God.  Its holy power protected you as long as you believed.  If you are in trouble, simply recite a verse from this scripture that will apply to the situation at hand and God will send protection for you.  You will always be prepared for Satan's tricks if you are faithful” Khazid whispered.
“I will remember that,” Drizzt replied reverently, in awe of the power his father had taken care of for years.
The whole time Veriah was picking up things, and using some energy from his staff to repair objects.  After a while Drizzt and Khazid moved in and assisted him in the repairs.  In a few hours, the lower part of the house was decently fixed, and the floor was cleaned.
Chapter IV:  After the cleaning of the house, the group sat down at the newly repaired table and enjoyed a small dinner of berries and roots, previously assembled by Veriah.  After the humble meal they moved out from the house and explored the nearby countryside.
A few camps were located about three miles in the direction of the city.  They did not have any campfires burning, and there was no noise from any of them.  Either all of the inhabitants were dead, or they were a vanguard for an army about to strike the castle.  Khazid moved in closer to explore, and Veriah and Drizzt went to the city to warn the inhabitants.  
Khazid moved carefully through the thick underbrush as he moved towards the camp.  He could hear the wind whistling through the trees, and small animals moving through the leaves around his feet.  As he reached the nearest encampment he detected movement in the trees above him that was too large to be a squirrel.  A dark form crashed to the ground beside him, and then disappeared up a tree nearby.  Khazid followed it up the tree and into the canopy above.  A loud bang next to him registered in his mind as an exploding fire stick, which was impossible because there was no light.  Only dark magic could cause that, which warned him of demon involvement in the camps around the forest.  Drizzt was going to be in trouble if he didn’t find him soon.
Drizzt and Veriah were, at that moment, making their way towards the city.  Nothing seemed wrong to them except that there was a total lack of animal noise.  There were no crickets chirping, or vermin running through the foliage.  The only sound was the wind blowing through the trees.  Drizzt suddenly felt very woozy, and Veriah pulled him over to a tree to rest.  Veriah could sense the approach of a powerful dark mage, and he was worried about the result of this confrontation.
Khazid ran through the tree canopy, leaping from branch to branch towards the area where Drizzt and Veriah should be.  He had felt a being of darkness moving towards the same area, and hurried to be the first to reach Drizzt.  As he neared the location, a small explosion shook the forest.  A plume of smoke formed over the trees, blocking out the sun.  Khazid simply moved faster, and was not distracted by the commotion.  When he reached a small clearing, recently formed, a man in black armor was standing in the center of it.
Khazid’s blood started running cold like ice through his veins as he prepared to face one of Satan’s closest followers, Plasmas.  He started dropping small globs of dark energy onto the ground, and then he disappeared.  The globs turned into winged, fiery creatures.  Half flew into the air, while the other half approached slowly on the ground.  A fierce cry went up from one of the creatures that was farther back, and all of the creatures rushed Khazid.
When the first creature reached Khazid, he slashed its face apart.  The gelatinous formation of its head broke into pieces, and then quickly reformed.  Khazid leaped into a nearby tree, and watched them silently.  Another explosion from behind him knocked him off the tree.  Apparently Plasmas did not want to fight him by himself.  
Khazid shifted his vision from normal sight to infrared, and looked around him.  Plasmas may absorb any light that hits him, but he could not hide his molten body.  Plasmas was a few trees back charging dark energy in his hand.  Khazid fired a wave of needles at Plasmas, but he blocked them with a sweep of his armored cape.  The movement broke his concentration, and the darkness disappeared.  Khazid used his own ability to disappear to escape from the fight quickly, and he moved to the opposite side of the clearing.  
Khazid now had the entire group of enemies looking for him.  To hide from infrared vision he raised his body temperature to match the temperature of the trees and bushes.  After a few moments, Khazid decided to try a different method of attack.  He charged his needles with a freezing light, which would counter the melting darkness of the creatures he fought.
Khazid jumped into the middle of the group of Plasmas’ monsters.  He launched a volley of needles in all directions, and when they struck a creature, they imbedded themselves and exploded, turning the creature into a statue of frozen lava.  Khazid unleashed another barrage and then ran into the forest to the right.  
As he continued to employ quick attack and withdraw tactics the number of moving creatures in the clearing dwindled.  Soon only Plasmas and the creatures flying above the forest were left.  Plasmas had still not tried to attack him while he had fought, but that did not mean he was finished.  
The creatures in the sky were moving away from him, and Plasmas had disappeared.  Out of nowhere a giant glob of darkness flew out of the forest and blew Khazid through several trees in the opposite direction, but Khazid wasn’t called the Son of the Angel of Death for just any reason.  Khazid fell into a holy battle rage, and his freezing light started emanating from his body.
He warped out in front of Plasmas and punched him with Godly strength right in the stomach.  Plasmas was tossed high into the sky, and as he passed the sun a ray of heavenly light blasted through his chest, stealing his dark soul and sending him to an eternity in torture.  The flying creatures disappeared as their master dissimilated.
Drizzt started to rise but fell back to the ground.  A thin river of blood flowed from a small hole in his chest.  The explosive bolt missed his heart, but he was still in a horrible state.  Khazid looked around for Veriah who was not in the clearing or around it on a tree or bush.  Khazid leaped into the air and looked for a heat signature, but all that was left were the charred remains of roasted trees.
A miniature figure walked into the clearing and looked around.  It had the shape of a human, but it was covered in fur.  It really looked like a little monkey.  The monkey creature looked around until he spotted Khazid' Hea, and his eyes began to glow a sickly yellow.  Khazid raised a hand, but as he did so the monkey creature did so as well.  Khazid raised his other hand, and again, the monkey creature copied him.  He leaped into the air, only to watch as the monkey thing jumped to the same height.  As Khazid returned to earth, he began to think of a strategy.  When his feet touched the ground he began to twirl in circles around the beast.  The monkey did the same in the opposite direction.  Khazid summoned a heavenly sword, and the creature created a blade of lava.  The two opposing forces of steely justice and burning wickedness spun against each other.  Veriah returned to the scene with his arms full of healing herbs for Drizzt, and he stopped to gape at the incredible scene.  Veriah stood on as the lethal dance continued.  With a mighty shout Khazid leapt towards the beast and was mirrored once more.  When the two blazing figures collided there was an explosion and then complete silence.
Veriah stood in awe as Khazid held the disintegrating figure of the beast.  
"What in the world was all of that?!"
"That was the dance of death.  Normally it is an honor that I bestow upon mighty Christian warriors who are mortally wounded.  I grant them a release of all of their strength and skill as they go peacefully to Abraham's bosom to wait for heaven.  When they complete the dance they give me all of their strength, speed, and skill.  This is why I am able to do many of the things I do.  I thought that if the monkey wanted to do what he saw, and that interfered with God's final design, then this was a perfect opportunity to use it once more."
"I see.  That was quite impressive.  Is it normally that flashy?"
"No, only with demons, and they are not normally given that honor."
"Wonderful.  Drizzt will need some serious medical assistance, so it is imperative that we return him to the castle as soon as possible."
"So it shall be."
Khazid picked up Drizzt like he was a toy, and held him carefully across his arms.  Veriah chose their path through the forest as the group headed for the castle.  Khazid had his supernatural senses at highest alert; waiting for another ambush, but nothing came.  Soon the huge drawbridge of the castle was in sight.  As they neared it they noticed long cracks running down the walls.  Walls that should have been solid as the cities first defense.  Drizzt had been present when the armies of Cannas had attacked, and had personally given them a sound beating.  The walls had never been touched by enough force to ruin them so.  Only the new forces of Sedah could have done this.  This meant that another battle had taken place, and it seemed that Drizzt's home fortress was on the losing side.
Chapter V: Khazid placed the still unconscious body of Drizzt on the ground near the roots of a small tree and approached the bridge of the castle.  Veriah stepped into the shade of the tree and began chanting as a green glow spread from his staff and surrounded Drizzt and himself.  Watching and wary for another cowardly sneak attack, Khazid slowly crept towards the bridge.  He was ten feet away from the bridge when the first sign that something was wrong showed itself.  Two large black fins penetrated the surface of the water in the moat surrounding the castle.  Khazid leapt back, barely avoiding a claw the sprung from the water and smashed into the ground where he had been standing merely moments before.  Quick as a flash Khazid threw a barrage of needles into the clawed hand as it withdrew into the water.  An inhuman roar blew through the air and the two fins plunged beneath the water.
Khazid tensed for another few seconds then again moved onto the drawbridge itself.  He sprinted six feet onto the drawbridge before a gigantic head smashed through the wood.  Khazid was launched into the air, and as he looked down, he saw the face of a shark and the body of a great snake, with the arms of a dragon and the eyes of a poisonous swamp.  The lifeless eyes stared up at him as he flew higher into the air, and then he could see startling realization come to those eyes as the beast figured out he wasn't falling back down into its gaping mouth.  Khazid used his angelic powers to create a gust of wind that blew him back onto the shore.  On the way down he again pelted the monster with more explosive darts.  The same fearsome roar split the air, but the creature did not fall back into the water.  Instead, it slithered out of the water and headed towards Veriah who stood over the fallen Drizzt.  The thing's great claw came down upon Veriah barrier, but it held firm.  Then the fiend's tail flashed from the water with incredible speed and struck at Veriah from the side.  Veriah's barrier shattered and he was pushed into a tree.  The brute's eyes looked hungrily at Drizzt's motionless form, but did not strike.  A toxic looking purple haze spread from its flaring nostrils and onto Drizzt.  He shook in his daze until he seemed certain to tear himself apart, but suddenly stopped.  All was deathly still until Khazid teleported directly behind the serpent's head and summoned a holy battle axe and brought it down with a terrifying screech through the head of the monstrosity.
This time the thing did not get up again and attack.
This is a continuation of a story I started when I was in elementary school, I continued it in the first year of high school.
Adrainea9876 Featured By Owner May 23, 2013  Student General Artist
Pretty cool story idea.
CommanderX0613 Featured By Owner May 30, 2013
Well I think so as well, I have so many stories to write though with so many good ideas from so many cool people that it may be a while before I get back to it.
Adrainea9876 Featured By Owner May 31, 2013  Student General Artist
Heh I know the feeling, when you do get back to it though I'm sure it'll be awesome :D
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